3 Tips for Saving from Jakarta to Vietnam

Travelling ke Vietnam
Dimana nih? Tuh, baca aja judulnya. | Source: retailinasia.com

Vietnam is a unique and beautiful country. They managed to explore and advance the tourism sector to attract travelers. Vietnam is not only busy during the night time, but also fascinates during the day, especially about its nature, culinary, and citizens.

However, before traveling, it is very wise if we do a good preparation first. Please choose a Vietnam Airlines ticket to get there. Especially for the first time travelers, we really have to ensure that our fund is enough during the trip, there are other things that need to be considered, in order to keep it can be cultivated.

Trip Jakarta to Vietnam

When traveling alone or with a partner, you can choose Vietnam airlines from Jakarta to Hanoi city. This airline provides facilities such as meal, power / USB port and entertainment, including baggage that you can use during the trip. Very understandable if you need entertainment on the plane. Because you will travel long enough, which is about 7-8 hours. And all flights from Jakarta to Hanoi will transit at Tan Son Nhat International airport, Ho Chi Minh City.

Inflight Meal from Jakarta to Vietnam
Meal facility. | Source: vietnamairlines.com 

Soon you get off the plane you can ride tuktuk to the hotel. With the budget you’ve set in the itinerary, the tuktuk you ride takes you around the city. As a smart tips: for tourist destinations that far from Ho Chi Minh City, you can get there by using the Bus that can be ordered online.

Consumption Needs

Set a budget for this one purpose, so you are not too much saving for culinary during vacation trips. Beside to enjoying the satisfaction of culinary in this country, food is essential for energy supply and endurance. The price of a portion of food in Vietnam on average requires Rp. 36,000. s.d. Rp. 60,000. You can already enjoy a plate of Spring Rolls or Mie Pho. If you want a cup of coffee to drink, the price is about Rp 15.000.

spring roll
Spring roll. | Source: hungryhuy.com

Tips, before leaving need to be ready with health and vitamins. With a good physical, you can enjoy culinary in a cheaper place like a street food. But of course still pay attention to hygiene. Street food is favorable for the traveler, such as backpackers. In addition, take advantage of enjoying the best possible breakfast that provided at the hotel.

Before boarding to Vietnam airlines, preferably snacks such as biscuits, or wafers are available in your backpack. Besides you can eat anytime, such provision is important if it turns out you do not like the Vietnamese menu. Well, in case you turn out to be the type of picky person in terms of eating. Just for information, food in Vietnam are dominant vegetables.

Meanwhile, to maximize drinking water needs, you can buy bottled water with a large size (1 or 1.5 liters) that you can buy around Rp.5000. Cheap enough, compared to you buy small bottled every time its out. You can use a small bottle or a tumbler that you always carry while traveling.

Be Safe During The Trip!

Well, in addition to improve English skills, while holidays in Vietnam you can also learn how to interact and negotiate. For example negotiating with taxi drivers. The secret, you need to be careful. Taxi in Vietnam are all with argo. So when you need taxi service, pay according to the argo listed. If the taxi you are in charge of is more likely you should try to keep paying according to the meter and leave immediately.

Tuktuk. | Source: allpointseast.com

To help out your transportation needs while on vacation, actually some hotels in Vietnam rent out motorcycles. You can use it to get around more efficiently than using taxi service or tuktuk. After considered several things, you have been able to spend your vacations in Vietnam safely with minimum expense, including by relying on Vietnam Airlines that flying you safely.



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